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Bill Henry

E. William Henry, PhD - Principal, Registered Architect


o: 813-226-2220

c: 813-334-8370

Greetings AHCA attendee! Thank you for scanning our QR code. RGA Design Forensics is an architectural forensics firm that provides expert witness services. From a healthcare perspective we focus on premises liability inside and around healthcare facilities, infectious disease errors & omissions, and construction litigation. If you have a situation that you'd like to discuss, please reach out using the info above. Below we go into a little more detail about what we do in our practice areas and how that may benefit you.


Healthcare facility owners have a duty to make sure that their properties are safe for staff, patients, and visitors. In premises liability matters, an injured party attempts to prove that his or her injuries resulted from the facility owner’s failure to make the property safe. RGA can assess a facility to identify deficiencies on the property before an injury occurs. We can also work with attorneys when a lawsuit has been filed and provide expert witness services. 

Covid 19


The Covid-19 pandemic exposed many weaknesses in the built environment of our healthcare facilities when it comes to protecting patients and staff from infectious diseases. Some of that weakness may have been caused by errors and omissions in the design of the facility. RGA Design Forensics can determine if a mistake has been made. 


Sometimes a building or structure is constructed and strays away from the plans that were previously approved by the architect.  In order to achieve the safest result, it is of critical importance that the job is completed according to plan, without taking any shortcuts. Some contractors use different products or cut a few corners to complete construction quicker or cheaper.  When this situation occurs, it can lead to unsafe conditions that can cause property damage or an injury. RGA has the experience to examine a situation and see where the breakdown occurred and can provide expert witness services when litigation occurs.

Building Under Construction
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